Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rust in Peace

Not much pure camera time recently, but in amongst the work that I'm doing I do find the odd picture opportunity

Here are our 2 rust buckets on the drive

The plan is that within the next year both of these will get a rebuild

This was taken on my E-500 with the built in flash lighting the Foreground and the Mini lit by a cloudy welsh sky.

I use my E-500 for inhospitable places these days as it's my older camera and it's theoretically less valuable

However as you can see with the kit 14-42 and a built in flash it still gives pretty good results

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life at Full Gallop

A while ago I did a commercial style shoot for some friends who have a trekking school in the Brecon Beacons and in doing it I gained a new found respect for the people who photograph horse racing because keeping them in frame when they are moving at full speed is incredibly hard

The lessons I learned on that day were: -
  1. Use a long lens so you can stand well back 
  2. Give your self plenty of time to prepare and get ready for it
For these pictures I ignored both of these pieces of advice as I had literally seconds to take this picture, I was too close and unprepared. I had lined myself up for a picture of some seagulls and was aware of them becoming unsettled and then I realised the sound in my left ear was getting closer VERY fast

I simply did not react fast enough to get the "riding into the picture shot" so mid picture was as good as I got.

 More true to rules of thirds, is the "riding out of picture" shot.

My opinion on just how fast these things move has not changed in this experience