Saturday, June 2, 2012

3 Peaks - Mountain Rescue

At the top of Snowdon when it was blowing a gale. I had a few seconds to get a picture at dawn where the team were standing.

Grab the camera, open the F stop as far as you can, point and shoot

I failed to get the picture !

So I removed the people and got quite a useful shot that I've actually had people complimenting. it there are some repeating sections because I had so little usable image to clone from, but unless you have been there and inspected this rock you are not likely to know (until I told you that is)

I did own up !

Friday, June 1, 2012

3 Peaks - Just be there

I was at the top of Snowdon one morning..,

No particular skill to this ... Just be there and not afraid to reduce the exposure to keep the darkness and the colours of the sunrise.

Most cameras will over lighten such pictures - the +-ev button is your biggest friend when it comes to taking picture. Some consider it a blunt instrument and there is a whole raft of discussion on the photo forums on the internet on whether you should use it because there may be a few pixels clipped.

My opinion is I can afford to clip a few in a 12Mp image as long as they are not the important ones