About Us

Shenstone Photo's are by Andy sometimes aided and abetted by Rhian

Andy's Bio

Originally from Scarborough in North Yorkshire, UK. I moved away to study Geology in Leicester in the Midlands of the UK and then on to find work which brought me to South Wales
Since moving here in 1984 to work in the Geology Department of the National Museum of Wales I have worked variously in Geology and IT jobs in various companies in South Wales and the South West (with one small stint on an Oil Rig in the North Sea which exploded just after I left it ... not my fault you understand).

I've finally ended up as IT Manager for a manufacturing site for a large American owned multinational corporation which pays the mortgage, but I look forwards to spending more time doing this type of stuff (taking pictures)

I also married a wonderful Welsh girl. (It's the tradition around here you understand) so here's a bit about her as well ...

Rhian's Bio

Originally from Caerphilly, South Wales, UK she's stayed nearer at home, but had plenty of adventures working and travelling abroad (principally in SE Asia) and through the UK. She's a Geologist with an the British Geological Survey and an Artist as you can see on her website at http://www.carreg.org.uk/ and in her gallery at issa.org.uk

Who is Shenstone and why the name

Shenstone is the name of our house - we're in Cardiff, Wales, UK
Andy & Rhian own the House, and so the website and the blog

Why the Blog and how does it relate to the website

Shenstone.me.uk has been on-line for a couple of years now and has gathered some complimentary comments in that time, and it's a good format for presenting a selection of pictures on a topic and detailed explanation pages, but it's not a good format for exploring small themes or a specific picture in-depth so hence the blog. Here I plan to publish either individual pictures or small sets with some more in-depth commentary and information

At times both will interact and comments are welcome about both to photo@shenstone.me.uk