Friday, January 14, 2011

How to abuse camera kit

As you can see in this picture I take my cameras underground. This picture is taken in Dinas Silica Mines in South Wales.

The picture is taken with my E-500 and the kit 14-42mm lens with the camera on a tripod and the lighting coming from a Scurion caving light which was being worn by my friend and fellow caver photographer Andy Morse. 

The object in the near ground is my camera bag in which you can see my E-30 sticking out with a flash trigger unit on the top. This level of protection is only possible because the mines are fairly easily accessible and you do not need to get muddy. Even so everything I took with me needed a very good cleaning before I used it again

Main Passage Dinas Silica Mines, Wales, UK

Geological Note

The Dinas Silica Mines are famous worldwide because ot the quality of firebricks created from this rock in the local brickworks

More pictures from this trip and an explanation of the geology and history of the site are available on my website at

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