Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paint it Black

"The only time you find anything blacker is when you shake off your mortal coil"

Chas Wethered - Artist, Potter, Caver, Jazz Lover, Morris man, Gentleman - recorded in the ISSA Radio4 programme Paint it Black in 2002 when he was aged 62 and still caving after his quintuple Heart bypass 

Keep on caving Chas ... I Hope it's black enough for you

Chas’s died on Monday 24th January. He had just bought a large supply of snuff in the Bath snuff shop and stopped off to sink a couple of pints in the Apple Tree before returning to his local in Axbridge for a couple more.

Everything to Excess!
Robin Gray

His wish to die in a real ale pub with a pint in his hand came true.. it was just a pity he was just at the top of his first pint

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