Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not my Picture of the Year 2010

I am currently running the Picture of the Year 2010 competition over on the Olympus e-Group

for that people enter their top 3 pictures and we have a blind voting system and elect a winner who has the great prize of being named as such on the forum

To prepare to enter you of course need to go though what you have taken in 2010 and pick some favorites so its a great opportunity for reflection

As it's a blind vote even the organizer can enter so as the competition is still running I'm not going to discuss my entries. What I will do as it's a great way to get this blog going is show some of the pictures I considered and rejected and explain why.

My number 4 picture was this one which is a Herald Moth taken at Charterhouse, Somerset

Herald Moth, Charterhouse, Somerset

These moths hibernate over winter and this one taken in February would be coming near to the end of it's hibernation. The moth was in an overhang in old mine workings in a section that could just about be classified as underground and was taken with my Olympus E-30, 50mm Macro Lens and an FL-20 flashgun which is a great little gun for close up work. The Flash was off camera on an CB-05 cable which is why you can see a reasonable amount of shadow on the picture

The 50mm is not true macro, but an incredibly sharp lens and really usable as you are not too close to your subject

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