Friday, March 13, 2020

Diagonally.. (Not Alley)

I wonder at times what makes me like a view. When I am out walking it is generally the wide open vista's but at times a much smaller part of the view can stand out.

The hills in the South Wales valleys have many wonderful views and one thing that they have in common when you get waking on the sides of the valleys is that they are steep

What I like about these steep views is that you can get a whole tree in a view that has more interest than a flat open field.

Here are a couple taken on a recent walk that show what I am talking about

Here's the one tree which is (almost) all in the picture because the slope allows it to be.

And if one tree is not enough of a view there were four more along the track which re-enforced the view for me 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

moving pictures

I thought it was about time to try some moving pictures

 Here is my 1st attempt


Hope you enjoy it

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wales Wonderful Wildlife

Anyone who finds themsalves in the area of Jacobs Market in cardiff in early June may like to take a look at some of Rhian and my pictures

An exhibition of pictures of Welsh Wildlife and the environment by members of the Cardiff Naturalists Society at the West Wharf Gallery, Jacobs Building, Cardiff

The work will include pictures of a wild range of our wildlife, environment, birds, plants, animals and geology, and will include some rarities that have been discovered by members of the society and on society events.

The show will run from the 1st – 8th June and will be accompanied with some information about the society and why we think that’s it’s the best local wildlife group and one that is well worth joining if you have an interest in the environment

More details here

Saturday, January 19, 2013


It's been a while since I've been on here

My New Year Resolution is to take more pictures

Yesterday we had some snow which we went out to enjoy - I hope you do

The Lane

A Peaceful Scene in the Lane

Traffic in the Lane, Two Wheels No Problem

The Maen Llwyd, but you would not know it


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tenerife Lava Tubing

These photographs are taken on the Wessex Cave club trip to survey and investigate lava tubes in Tenerife in 2012

These are all taken in Cueva del Viento entered via the Breveritas Entrance

This selection is to talk about lighting.

The first is taken with a single flashgun placed on the floor and pointed upwards to light the passage. It's fairly powerful gun (36 guide number) as that is what it takes to light such black rock which is absolutely light sapping.

You can see colours though and its these that make Lava tubes so interesting, and when you add a scale to the picture people start to be able to relate to it.. This is also taken with a single FL36 flashgun held by the model (my wonderful wife)   

I like both of them because it gives a flavour of the way you see a passage when you are underground

This on one the other hand which has a second flashgun near the camera is much more usable as a scientific picture showing the features of the lava tube, but in comparison it's so boring

There are many more lava tube pictures here and information on Lava Tubes and the trip we were doing here

Saturday, June 2, 2012

3 Peaks - Mountain Rescue

At the top of Snowdon when it was blowing a gale. I had a few seconds to get a picture at dawn where the team were standing.

Grab the camera, open the F stop as far as you can, point and shoot

I failed to get the picture !

So I removed the people and got quite a useful shot that I've actually had people complimenting. it there are some repeating sections because I had so little usable image to clone from, but unless you have been there and inspected this rock you are not likely to know (until I told you that is)

I did own up !

Friday, June 1, 2012

3 Peaks - Just be there

I was at the top of Snowdon one morning..,

No particular skill to this ... Just be there and not afraid to reduce the exposure to keep the darkness and the colours of the sunrise.

Most cameras will over lighten such pictures - the +-ev button is your biggest friend when it comes to taking picture. Some consider it a blunt instrument and there is a whole raft of discussion on the photo forums on the internet on whether you should use it because there may be a few pixels clipped.

My opinion is I can afford to clip a few in a 12Mp image as long as they are not the important ones  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Peaks Training - Eglwysilan

I wrote in my last posting that I had signed up for the Tenovus 3 Peaks Challenge which about 40 of us at work have signed up for. I'm one of un-fittest of the people who signed up so I've got a real challenge to get fit, and one of the things I'm doing is not stinting on getting up hills and talking camera equipment with me

Last time I wrote about a spectacular  walk in the Brecon Beacons, but I can't always afford the time to drive that far so today I  worked out a route from almost sea level to one of the highest local hills Eglwysilan Mountain

Starting from Upper Boat and heading right up to the summit I was afforded some fine views, and an opportunity to get the justaposition of wonderful landscapes and modern structures

Noormally like most landscape Photographers I'm going out of my way to get these type of things out of my pictures. But for once here they are

Phone lines going into Senghennydd

Power lines topping the skyline

And getting reflected in the pools

The Brecon Beacons in the distance 

After these pictures it bcame hazy and the sky went white which is the bane of all landscape photographs so I increased my speed and headed home

It is nice to be up here again though. I haven't been here since I was Working A Sunset

Another  6.5 miles and 1200 ft climbing for the training

Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Peaks Training - Neuadd Loop

I've not taken many landscape pictures for a while. All my time was taken up with my other project Land Rover Katy

Well as you can read on that blog she passed her MOT which is great news as it is giving me more time to commit to something I've signed up for as a personal challenge

That is the Tenovus 3 Peaks Challenge which about 40 of us at work have signed up for. I'm one of un-fittest of the people who signed up so I've got a real challenge to get fit, and one of the things I'm doing is not stinting on getting up hills and taking camera equipment with me

Recently a group of us took a walk around the Upper Neuadd Reservoir Loop which is a much nicer way to get to the popular peaks of Crybin, Pen y Fan and Corn Ddu

If you pick the right day the views are spectacular as I hope you will agree from this selection

Pen y Fan and Corn Ddu from Cribyn

Pen y Fan and Corn Ddu from Cribyn

Pen y Fan

 Pen y Fan from Corn Ddu- no skill in these next three pictures - it would have been almost impossible to get a bad shot

 Pen y Fan from Corn Ddu

 Pen y Fan from Corn Ddu

 The reservoir from Pen y Fan, This is a 5 shot stitch and I wish I had taken another shot on the left - I'll need to go back and do it as another training walk 

 Pen y Fan and Corn Ddu 

Well that's another 8.5 miles and 2500 ft climbing towards the training regimen